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    Displaying a movie length counter


      I know there have been posts asking this question before, but no answer has been provided yet. Can one show the length of the video clip in the finishd swf file, so that the user knows how many minutes will take? I presume this should be in the skin, but there is no such option. If so, can one add that manually to the skin, and if so how?

      Click here to see an example of what I mean (length counter is highlighted in red).

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          DilbertG Adobe Employee
          Hi alta_girl,

          Its not native to Captivate, but you can create one in Flash. You may have to use one of the Captivate variable rdinfoTotalFrames, to achieve it. To learn more about the Captivate variables, go to the help of Captivate and under Changing Timing Chapter, look for last topic, "Controlling adobe Captivate project with variables".