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    datagrid iconField

      Hey folks,

      I can't seem to get the iconField property of the datagrid compoent to work, which would seem the most obvious and straight-forward way for adding little images to a datagrid. The same codes that works beautifully for a list-component, fails with a datagrid.

      Googling on it gives confusing and little encouraging answers,... The iconField property is documented in the datagrid class in the help file, but I fear it is not realy implemented. Unless, ofourse, I am doing something totally wrong.

      The output of the given code (based directly on the help-documentation for the list-component and the datagrid respectively) is
      - a list component that does indeed give an icon
      - a datagrid that displays the name of the icon in the third column, where it should have displayed the icon instead.

      And, yes, I did give the icons a proper id. Otherwise they would be displayed in the list,...

      Any help would be most appreciated, as I would assume, not only by me,

      Knut Nidelven