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    problem with runtime sharing

      hi all

      i have a problem with flash runtime sharing. i have about 30 sharing components which are linked by a single fla file [named main.fla].
      the problem is that lately from time to time the flash IDE had crashed when i had tested main.fla. when i regressed to an earlier version it did not happen.
      as the code grew larger and larger the crashes became more frequent up to this moment where a crash is almost absolutely likely to happen.

      i tried singling a problematic linked swf file but it seems that no single swf file is to be blamed.
      i regressed to the early version [which has the same number of linked components] and nothing crashed. as i recompiled more and more of the newer versions crashes started to appear and the more newer compiled components i introduced the more frequent the crashes became.

      this affects both flash IDE and flash Active-X control yet does not affect flash player.
      flash IDE - flash 8 pro
      flash player - flash 8
      flash activeX - flash 9

      if anyone has any idea how to solve this problem i'll be more then grateful as it made the development of project come to an halt

      thanky you in advance.