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    Need Help with Absolute Pos. Transparent Expanding SWFs

      Hi guys,

      I've been abusing Google for the last two days trying to figure this one out. I have a *.swf absolutely positioned above some links and text. When you click on it, it expands down, over the content. Clicking again retracts it.

      This works fine, expands perfectly and it looks all nice, but for some reason, only in Firefox, I can't highlight text or click links in the area where the *.swf file expands over.

      "Retracted" size is 720x60, and it expands to 720x280. The div container is absolutely positioned and the width and the height are set to 720x60.

      I'm using SWFobject to embed the Flash file.

      Hopefully someone's seen this problem before. Or can explain why it only happens in IE. I've been trying to come up with fixes on my own; DHTML resizing of the div container, switching from a CSS layout to tables (gross), and other stuff.

      Thanks for helping