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    Dynamic content and Generating in many formats from RH HTML


      Working in RH HTML

      1. I was looking for info/thread which gives an idea on how to have one content used in many projects and chaning that on content would effect each project. ie. If I have a HTML project created and need a specific topic to display another topic/html file outside that project, how can I do this? And also when I change anything in the master topic/html it should effect all other projects were am using this file. OR if this is not possible how can I get another topic/html file to display in a different project?

      2. I generated my HTML project into many formats e.g. PDF,WORD,HTML,WEBHELP and so on.
      Am using a template (.htt ) to add Header and Footer to all the topics in the project. But when I go and view the pdf,word file the header and footer is not there. Though I can see this header and footer in the .chm file created
      How can I make this header and footer visible in the pdf,word files?