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    not enough dis space installing RoboHelp 2002

      Currently I have RoboHelp Office 2002 running on an old P3 500MHz 256MB desktop. It's not so fast but it's running fine. Because I want to make screenshots of developer issues and insert them directly into RoboHelp I want to install RoboHelp on my own pc a P4 3.0Ghz 512MB with a 80GB harddrive. But I cant install RoboHelp cause I get an error stating:
      Not enough disk space!! Clean up... et cetera
      I have more than 60 GB of free space.... I know that problems can occur when during the installation of an application there is a miscalculation of the free disk space. Therefor I tried a tool for BDE that puts a dummy file on the drive, I reduced my C partition under the 20 GB and even placed a second harddrive of 6 GB in my desktop. I also disabled hypertreading and increased my onboard video memory but nothing helped.
      While testing I installed RoboHelp on a P3 866MHz 512MB 40GB pc and on a P4 3.0GHz 1GB 120GB raid1 SATA system succesfully.
      I hope that someone can give me the solution for this problem or a hint where to go next.
      Thanx a lot for your reactions...