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    PopupMenuButton: Can not Stop 'click' event

    ParomitaDey15 Level 1
      Hello Everybody,

      I am working with a PopupMnuButton. The PopupMenuButton is skined so the selected value is not visible. The menu has four items which when clicked performs respective operations. But when the main button of the PopupMenuButton is clicked it performs the operation for the first menu item. I wish to stop that from happening.

      Going through the help files I found that PopupMenuButton dispatches a click event when the main button part of the PopupMenuButton is clicked, which further dispatches the itemClick event for the last selected index.
      Is there a way around to stop the click event from firing when the main button is clicked?

      I dont want any action to take place if the button is clicked. The user has to select an item from the menu.

      Please advise.