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    Navigation Not Working

    SmileyGirl23 Level 1
      I have a frame.swf that contains my navigation bar on the left side. There are 5 links on this navigation bar which correspond to 5 other swf files. The links work fine in the frame.swf...however, whenever I actually click on it and load one of the other swf files to the holder movieclip that I have in the center of the frame.swf (to the right of the navigation bar), my navigation no longer works. It is still visible, but the buttons no longer respond....I don't even get the little hand cursor for link notification.

      I have fought with this and other problems in this project for over a month now. I'm sure that I cannot see the problem because I have been looking at it too long (can't see the forest for the trees syndrome). Any guidance in this situation will be most appreciated!