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    Disappearing Topics

      I have been working with a large RoboHelp projects that I made by importing individual .htm files from smaller RoboHelp projects. Now when I try to open the smaller projects, most of the topics are gone in Robohelp. The topics are still in RoboHelps files, but don't appear in RoboHelp in the Topics list or the Project Manager. I have checked and the .htm files for the project are still in my project's folder. When I move the smaller project and open RoboHelp, I can see all the Topics for a split second, then RoboHelp takes most of them away right before my eyes. I still cannot see these files if I don't open my large project, or if I restart my computer.

      Is there a way I can still work on the orginal projects and see all the topics? Thanks
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi KBoitano81 and welcome to our community

          I see you have made exactly two posts. I see the other post was moments ago and deals with a different issue. However, the issues may be related.

          Where is your project stored? If you reply back with "on our network drive, why do you ask?" I'd appreciate it if you would take a peek at the following link: click here to read the article

          Cheers... Rick
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            KBoitano81 Level 1
            Thank you Rick for your help.

            My big project is stored in a folder on my C: drive like the article suggests. My smaller project I have tried to get work on my from desktop. Even when I recopy the smaller project from the network drive to a different location on my computer, I still get the same error. There are about 20 smaller files, and all of them seem to have the problem of topics disappearing, as if something intentially was built into RoboHelp to do this. I seem to be able to import files from the large file into the smaller ones, and the topics do not disappear from the smaller topics. I think I might try next deleting the .cpd file from one of the smaller project and see if that helps at all.
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              MergeThis Level 4
              Are you also using a source control product, and possibly not checking out all the needed files? That and the network issue will certainly create multiple problems.

              Good luck,