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    Index Corruption

      I'm working with a large RoboHelp project. When I click on the Index tab, RoboHelp crashes. How can I fix this? Thanks.
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          RoboWizard Level 4

          I answered your other post. Please take a look at the other post first and see if the issues are related.

          Cheers... Rick
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            KBoitano81 Level 1
            Thanks for the help Rick.

            It did occur to me that maybe one of the files for the index were corrupt, so I did experiment on which file it might be. Well, one thing I did earlier was delete the .pss and .cpd file, reopen RoboHelp, then I could click on the index tab. I was able to auto create a new index (small for testing), and it worked. Then, the next time I opened RoboHelp, it didn't work again. When I generate the file, the index works fine, but I can't change the index within RoboHelp. I do have several backup files so hopefully some of my 'eggs' aren't cracked, but unfortunately I've had the error since the file was created.
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              KBoitano81 Level 1
              Well, I have deleted the error. I deleted the .cpd file again so I could have access to the index tab. I reopened the project and allowed the computer time to rebuild the .cpd file. Then, I deleted, by hand, the entire index. I haven't had the problem since.