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    Scrolling while editing

      When I am trying to edit some text at the bottom of the page, every time I press a key, Contribute automatically scrolls to the top of the page. I have checked my preferences and even tried enabling scroll lock, but nothing seems to work. It does insert the letter/symbol I want to enter in the correct location, but after each letter I have to scroll back down. Anyone have an idea as to what is causing this?
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          I'm getting exactly the same problem with a site using Contribute 4. We took a copy of the site and connected with Contribute 3 and it worked fine. The position at which it starts "jumping" doesn't appear to be consistent between pages either.

          Still investigating but at the moment I'm stumped. If someone has already managed to find a solution to this I'd really appreciate it.
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            Ampro_matt Level 1
            After trying to deal with the problem, I found that once you type enough letters to create a second sentence wherever you are trying to enter text, the screen will stop jumping back to the top. It is still annoying though. If anyone else has an idea as to how to fix this issue, please let me know.
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              Camissa Level 1
              Well, I tried removing all the style sheets from my site and seeing if it still happened, it didn't, there was no jump and I could enter text normally. I then narrowed it down to which style sheet was triggering the problem, deleted all its styles and and rebuilt it piece by piece until I got the jump again.

              A bit time consuming but I managed to narrow it down to this:


              I'm going to have to tweak the layout now but removing that line does appear to have stopped the jump problem.

              I hope this helps for your site too. Good luck.
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                Ampro_matt Level 1
                Thanks. I will look into it!