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    Dealing with UTF-16 form input with CF5

      Hello, this question is for veteran ;-)

      Sometimes accented characters entered in a textarea field are replaced with strange characters when recorded in my MS Access memo field, For exemple "©" instead of “é”.

      For debugging purpose, I used CFFile to record the same field value in a .txt file. When open with notepad, the accented characters are displayed correctly, but the HEX values contained in the file seem to indicate UTF-16 Little Indian. The file start with "FF FE" and the other characters have the form "XX 00".

      Considering I’m with CF5 and it can’t be upgraded, my question is:

      Is there a way (with CF5) that I can prevent the field to contain anything else that ISO-8859-1?

      By parsing the characters? Using Access? Any other ideas?

      I have this tag to set the encoding of the form page:
      <cfcontent type="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" reset="yes">