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    PHP / FLEX 2 Variables

      Well I have a question I know how to retrieve information via PHP connecting to the mysql then turning the information to XML and then having Flex read it.

      But I do not know how to send a variable from Flex to PHP; so PHP can read it in order for me to use that value / variable in PHP and then return some other information back to Flex.
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          Omnipitence Level 1
          You can send varibles by wrapping them in a HTTPService request each variable you want to send wrap in a mxml tag ie in php = $phpVariable, $phpVariable2, then you send your variables from flex as follows. (phpVariable2 is sent from a user input form item called phpUserVariable)
          <mx:HTTPService id="phpRequest" url="PHP.php" useProxy="false" method="POST" >
          <phpVariable>phpVariabletoSend</phpVariable><phpVariable2>{phpUserVariable.text}</phpVari able>