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    One topic and but using one or more hht?

    kewal_tech Level 1

      Working in RH HTML
      I am trying to add two templates to a topic in a project.
      ie. I have different templates as one of them is for Copyright and Company logo and the OTHER template is for a table.

      So what I need to do now is that - In a single topic I need to add both the above templates.

      I was thinking is there a way to add two or more templates to a topic? OR what is the way out for the above similar example?


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Kewel. You can only have one template attached to a topic at any one time. If you are using your second template for a table, have you thought about adding the table to the RH gallery? You can then recall your table layout and add the cell contents. How to add a table to the gallery is covered in Rick Stone's tips and tricks file. You can download it from here and look at the index keyword "table".