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    interactive flash files

      First off , I am a brand new user to Captivate.... :)

      I want to import a different type of interaction or quiz via Flash into a captivate session. I can import the file but it seems that I am limited to import Flash files as a movie or animation. The animation option limits the time that they are displayed at for example, the default is 3 seconds. I can increase this to a long amount of time which would give the user plenty of time to interact with this, but:

      Is there a way that it can be import <b>without</b> this display time definition?

      Thanks for your input.
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          CatBandit Level 3
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          To my knowledge, "No". When the animation is inserted into Captivate it becomes just another "object" and - aside from the fact that Captivate Deux allows you to change the default display time for the slide (Project > Preferences > Defaults) - it will not automatically "expand" a slide (or object) to match the time it takes to completely "play through" when still in Flash. Sorry.
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            rbLearning Level 1
            Perhaps what you're looking for is "Display for rest of slide," or the "Display for rest of project" setting.

            I insert custom Flash animations quite often, and that generally works for me.

            Double-click the animation object, click on the "Options" tab, and in the Timing section, change "Display for:" to the option of your choice.