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    PreLoader Linkage?

      Have a PreLoader works fine..

      I'm loading movieClip and Sounds using

      I've gone to the Publish settings and set "Export frames for classes" to 2

      and ofcourse if I don't deselect "Export to first frame" on the
      movieClips Linkage the Peloader won't work correctly

      But When I do it doesn't load the Clips!!!
      Is there a way I can load them on frame 2 using attachMovie attachSound???
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          lunchBoxCoder Level 1
          so still using attachMovie and attachSound
          and deselecting "Export in first frame" in the movieClips.

          on the frame you want the movie clips to load make a new layer and key frame and place them on it far into the negitive y so you'll never see it.

          with the sound clips it's a little more rediculous.
          create on sound holder movie clip and place all the soundclips you'll use on seperate layers.
          then select each sound layer and set the sync(at the bottom of properties panel) to stop. so they'll only sound when theres an event call.

          finally place that sound holder movie clip on the frame you'll want them on. again way into the negitive y space..

          Now,, the preloader work correctlly and everything gets loaded when needed!!!