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    Key Code F10

    GRAMOPHONE Level 1
      According to Director TechNote #14590 the Code that corresponds to Key F10 is 109.
      Something is wrong with that... when assigned it doesn't do anything. It seems that
      the Code 109 does not correspond to Key F10.
      If anybody here have an explanation for this I would be very grateful

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          Level 7
          I'm not sure about that, but I have generally had very good luck using
          BuddyAPI's key recognition functions, baKeyIsDown() and/or

          Perhaps that will work better for you?
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            Chunick Level 3
            I'm guessing that F10 is one of those keys that doesn't work in authoring mode because Director uses that key for something... just like SHIFT and CTRL don't work in authoring either.
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              GRAMOPHONE Level 1
              It doesn't work on a projector either...
              Let's say that I have this script:

              on keyUp
              case (the keyCode) of
              103: _player.appMinimize()
              109: QUIT
              end case

              keyCode 103 that correspond to F11 works, but 109 that correspond to F10 doesn't work...It's bug in Director.
              By the way I haven't heard anything about a new version of Director. Is Adobe working on that or are they going to stop
              making Director...It's a long time since Director MX2004...

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                duckets Level 1
                Maybe your f10 problem is particular to your own keyboard? Keycode 109 works for me, I can detect f10 without problems. Have you tried your code on a different machine, or with a different keyboard?

                And here's some info regarding the next version of director:

                hope this helps!

                - Ben