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    Quiz Template - Template_Feedback

      I'm using a Quiz Template inside Flash MX 2004. There is a dynamic text field with the instance name 'Template_Feedback' that gives feedback after clicking the a Control Button that is the Check Answer button. The instance name on this button is 'Template_ControlButton'. What I want to know is where are these components referenced or where is the code that I could edit. I checked the QuizGlobal Class and the Component SuperClass, but the components aren't referenced there.

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          TimSymons Level 1
          They are referenced in the actual type of interaction the you are doing. There should be other classes for the Multiple Choice, Drag -n - Drop, True False, etc. interactions. Those instance names are in those classes. These class are in the following folder:

          Quiz Files -> Learning Interactions -> Assets -> Controls -> Components

          Also, even though I am using the term "class", they are not "real" classes but the old AS1 versions.