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    oslanguage vs. uilanguage

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      I am slightly puzzled by these two environment-properties.

      I have a GERMAN windows 98 (yes, still! to be downward compatible with what
      i develop, and this happens still with director 8.5)
      when I switch to ENGLISH as my countrysetting in the controlpanel for
      testing purposes, all the system-messages are still in German, Times and
      things appear in English.
      So I would expect in first approach the following:
      oslanguage = German
      uilanguage = English.

      When I run my Movie in the Authoring-mode I get the opposite:
      oslanguage = English
      uilanguage = German

      When I start my Movie from a separate projector (projector performs a go
      movie) on the same machine, I get the following:
      oslanguage = English
      uilanguage = English

      ooops! what happens here, is any of this information worth reading it? I
      cannot use this for a language decision on startup.
      Where do I get correct information about the installed OS-Language and the
      User-Interface-Language - registry? If so, where - I could use buddyAPI to
      read it.
      Or does my projector need any xtras to correctly read the information?

      Thanks for any explanation
      Peter from Germany