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    Flash in director using touch screen

      I have a rather peculiar problem that has been previously discussed and describes my problem exactly, but no good solution was presented.

      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=187&threadid=1075803&hi ghlight_key=y&keyword1=touchscreen

      From poking around various forums and websites, i think the problem may be how the events are being handled in director.

      From flash events show as:
      1. press (first touch)
      2. release

      from director
      1. mouse over (first touch)
      2. press (second touch)
      3. release

      this results in the user having to press twice on their choices when using a touch screen.

      Setting the driver from mouse emulation to "click on release" seems to work, but i loose the press state which i require in my application (user holding down a scroll arrow for example)

      this aparently is a bug in AssetXtra.

      Any ideas?

      Hardware: 32" TTX screen with ELO SAW touch screen technology (USB)

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          googleguy Level 1
          anybody have any input? thanks :)
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            Any chance you could describe what's happening on screen a little more? So
            far, I haven't had the greatest results with Flash/Director in my kiosks.
            Everyone of them is "buggyer" then the pure Director kiosks. I get more
            mysterious "Multiemedia" errors etc. I only have one with a touchscreen that
            has a bit of Flash, and right after the addition the ELOtouch stopped
            working completely. Although I'm not sure it's due to Flash, but I'm
            suspicious now.

            "googleguy" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message
            > anybody have any input? thanks :)

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              googleguy Level 1
              when you mean "on-screen" i assume you mean visual feedback. With flash files on the director stage, there is no indication of anything happening on the first click, only the second click runs as it should.

              Director items on the same stage (such as checkboxes) act in a the same way requiring two clicks. The only difference being that the director object shows focus (checkboxes get highlighted in a thin green line) on the first click.

              I hope that makes sense!