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    Need help with swf

      Help I am new, and this is my first big job. The basics: all the files uploaded to the website, and they are in the same folder: the html file which is the web page, the swf file, the flv file and all of the necessary players. I created the video file with Macomedia Flash 8 Video Encoder. I have 2 animations on the same page, my swf and the video.

      When I PREVIEW the page locally on my computer using either the dreamweaver preview or previewing in a browser, the swf and the video play fine. However, when I go to the site on the web, the video does not play. One of my swf files works fine the other file the flv does not work at all. There is a space where the flv should be, however the video does not play.

      I am new to this stuff please help. What am I doing wrong?

      Here is the address to the page: http://www.ad-e-learning.com/test2.html


      I've also attached the code: