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    Query to display info depending on certain criteria

    Like2Flex Level 1

      I have a CFC with the following query in cfcomponent.

      <cffunction name="getMarket" access="remote" returntype="query">
      <cfquery name="qmarket" datasource="test" >
      DISTINCT tbl_orders.market as marketname
      from tbl_orders
      where trading_date = 'I dont know how to display the date here'
      <cfreturn qmarket>

      On my flex application window I have a DateField control named 'date_control',which displays a date which is found in tbl_orders. For your info, tbl_orders has the following fields (market, trade_date etc). How do I put in my query (in my cfc), the trading_date='date_control' in the 'WHERE' statement.

      Should you have further queries, or any doubts please let me know.

      Many thanks