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    Iam not able to take and display numbers..Plz help

      Guys I am a beginner and have landed into trouble cause of it.. I know the basics but a typical situation has arrived.. I want to take user entered number and display it back!!!! but here I get two types of error 1. NaN i guess which means not a number and the other 2. which Says undefined... The code iam writing is

      var number = txt_box.text; //txt_box is the name I have assigned to the text box cause i read how to do it somewhere!
      num_out.text = number; // num_out is another dynamic box name....

      I have tried using the string instead of text.... Found in another place... Then used a function Number() which as read could change a string to a number and also I used a function called parseInt().. Which also dint help.. But it would be a grrrrrrrrreat help if someone could give me a simple code to this prob and explain what was the actual problem.. Is that I was Dumb or it was my ignorance?