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    App-like panels?

      Hi all,

      I want to create windows in Flex just like in Windows OS... I want them to drag-n-drop.. and have a close button.. I will show configuration options in them to the users..

      I tryed Panels... but although I found drag-n-drop events I didnt find how to activate it... And I want it to activate only when users press the header bar... just like at Windows OS.

      What's the better UI container component for that and how to activate DnD and Close button???

      Thx a lot
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          peterent Level 2
          Using a TitleWindow will allow you to get Close button. You need to implement drag and drop yourself as that's not part of the Flex package when it comes to Panel or TitleWindow.

          Did you mean you want to move windows around or did you mean you want to move and drop them onto something (like a 'trashcan')?

          If you meant the latter, you can detect a mouseDown event over the TitleWindow's header area and set a flag. When the mouse moves AND that flag is set, use the mx.managers.DragManager to initiate a drag-and-drop proxy. You can handle the dragOver and dragEnter and dragDrop events on potential targets (eg, a trashcan object).
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            ciwee_ufrj Level 1
            Thank you..
            Actually I meant the first but to know how to do the second will also be useful
            I am already testing your solutions! :)