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    ANN: EuroTAAC eLearning 2007

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      EuroTAAC 2007

      (Euro The Alternative Authoring Conference eLearning - EuroTAAC eLearning)


      It gives us great please to announce the EuroTAAC 2007 conference and
      training event! In this case "us" means Magnolia Multimedia, AC&S and

      We have some great new ideas for EuroTAAC and we have revamped the
      traditional format of the conference. We don't think you will be
      disappointed! We have also decided to broaden the scope of the
      conference to cover other e-Learning tools, including the other tools in
      the Adobe toolbox like Captivate, Adobe Acrobat Connect (formerly
      Breeze), Flash, Director and Dreamweaver.

      Main Conference: 21 March 2007- 23 March 2007

      Day 1: A 'Corporate Day' with some of the largest companies in Denmark
      as audience for your expertise! To be held in Randers.

      Day 2 & 3: The new and revamped EuroTAAC eLearning format to be held at

      Post Conference Training: 26 March 2007 - 28 March 2007 to be held at
      Hotel Randers in Randers ( http://www.hotel-randers.dk/index-uk.html)

      This year we will be visiting the beautiful Danish town of Randers and
      the premises of Grundfos in Bjerringbro, Denmark.

      CORPORATE DAY, 21 March 2007:
      This day is planned to have 2 tracks:

      1) Corporate e-Learning and
      2) The e-Learning Industry Plus, of course, an exhibition room where you
      can show your stuff, make some business agreements and more.

      More than 10 companies with over 250,000 employees around the World have
      already agreed to participate.

      CONFERENCE, 22-23 March 2007:
      This year we will be hosting some of the worlds experts in Adobe's
      e-Learning tools as speakers, instructors and presenters. The program of
      will fill up over the coming weeks, and very shortly we will open the
      conference and training registration system. If you have not been to
      EuroTAAC for a while or you have never been at all, then this is the
      time to make it. You will NOT be disappointed.

      TRAINING, 26-28 March 2007:
      Post-conference training, run by world renowned experts and trainers.
      Details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, but if you have
      something you would like to see, let us know by email and we will see
      what we can do!

      Speakers are welcome to reply to 'speakers at EuroTAAC dot com' by email
      to apply to speak at the conference.

      Note: 'Corporate Day' location is not yet confirmed, but it could be
      held here:

      Best regards
      Steve Howard
      Vice President,
      Magnolia Multimedia,

      Mark Tomlinson,
      AC&S UK Business Manager
      AC&S UK

      Ole Kristensen
      Senior eLearning Project Manager
      Grundfos Management A/S

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