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    Movieclip, Capturing Mouse Click On Entire Stage

      I made a 2-state button within a project (completely at designtime) using a movieclip. I change the state (and look) of the button by toggling between frame 1 and 2. The problem is...

      Even though the clip I created (and saved in the library) is small, the onMouseUp event is captured by the movieclip no matter where I click on the stage. Any thoughts?

      Here's the code...

      This is in frame 1

      _root.Status_Append("code running on frame 1"); // display status info (debugging)
      this.base_off.onMouseUp = function() {
      _root.Status_Append("base_off.onMouseUp"); // display status info (debugging)

      This is in frame 2

      _root.Status_Append("code running on frame 2"); // display status info (debugging)
      this.base_on.onMouseUp = function() {
      _root.Status_Append("base_on.onMouseUp"); // display status info (debugging)