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    RangeError inside mx.controls::Menu/show()

      This bug seems to happen only with submenus, when the mouse move quickly on another menu.
      the Hide/Show part of the MenuBar seems to be buggy.
      How to reproduce it ? this is not very clear. see in the end of this POST.

      RangeError: Error #2006: L'index indiqué sort des limites.
      at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/addChildAt()
      at mx.managers::SystemManager/ http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::rawChildren_addChildAt()[C:\dev\GMC\sdk\framew orks\mx\managers\SystemManager.as:1578
      at mx.managers::SystemManager/addChild()[C:\dev\GMC\sdk\frameworks\mx\managers\SystemManager .as:1190]
      at mx.managers::PopUpManager$/addPopUp()[C:\dev\GMC\sdk\frameworks\mx\managers\PopUpManager. as:221]
      at mx.controls::Menu/show()[C:\dev\GMC\sdk\frameworks\mx\controls\Menu.as:1027]
      at mx.controls::MenuBar/mx.controls:MenuBar::showMenu()[C:\dev\GMC\sdk\frameworks\mx\control s\MenuBar.as:1350]
      at mx.controls::MenuBar/mx.controls:MenuBar::mouseOverHandler()[C:\dev\GMC\sdk\frameworks\mx \controls\MenuBar.as:1431]

      I build the MenuBar example in the offical Doc.
      <menuitem label="Menu1">
      <menuitem label="MenuItem 1-A" data="1A"/>
      <menuitem label="MenuItem 1-B" data="1B"/>
      <menuitem label="Menu2">
      <menuitem label="MenuItem 2-A" type="check" data="2A"/>
      <menuitem type="separator" />
      <menuitem label="MenuItem 2-B" >
      <menuitem label="SubMenuItem 3-A" type="radio"
      groupName="one" data="3A"/>
      <menuitem label="SubMenuItem 3-B" type="radio"
      groupName="one" data="3B"/>

      then I click on the menu to activate it.
      then I move the mouse quickly a circular way over the menubar
      the trick is to move over the "SubMenuItem 3-B" and go as fast as you can
      on the first menu: "Menu1"
      doing this will crash after 10 seconds (depend where the mouse move)
      it seems that the submenu is not properly closed, or its parent menu is dead before him...

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          droopy6 Level 1
          to be more precise, it is certainly related to SUBMENU.
          nothing happen with simple 1 level menu.
          so troubles should begin with items "SubMenuItem 3-A" and "SubMenuItem 3-B" when mouse
          move over them quickly to another menu, for example "Menu1" then go back to the parent of the
          submenu ("Menu2").
          show() crash to display "Menu2", may be because submenu is not properly closed.