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    Cannot verify connection information????

    Rine Level 1
      Hi Everyone,

      I have never used Contribute before and I've downloaded the 30 day trial version to see if Contribute will fit my needs. So far it isn't doing a very good job. I'm just trying to test some stuff out with it. I've created a sample web page on my server. I have my web hosting through Go Daddy and my test page is located there.

      I'm using the new connection wizard. I'm connecting to my web site using FTP. Now I'm at the point where it says "On the FTP server, what folder contains your web site?" So I choose the main root because my test page is located there and it puts a little / in that box. I click next and get an error.

      "Contribute cannot verify your connection information.
      Please contact your administrator for assistance."

      Well I am the administrator!!! And I cannot provide myself with any assistance since I have no idea what is going on.

      Can anybody help me? Thanks!