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    Convert swf to AVI?

      Hello! I work at a video production facility, and have received some swf files that I need to convert to a useable video file. I can get from AVI or Quicktime or even Windows Media to video, but I need to convert the swf into one of these formats. It needs to be reliable (I've tried several that goof up at least one part of the project). AdShareit scrambles video and audio doesn't work, Total Video Converter does the audio but not video, Flash2Video does it but I can't change the framerate, so video is too fast, SWF2Video doesn't seem to get anything right. I'm using the trial versions on most of these, but having little success. I'll buy the one that works, but haven't found it yet. Thanks in advance! chris
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          hginnow Level 1
          I wonder whether you could import swf's to Director (it does work with flash somehow). Director can export Quicktime (e.g. AVI). You'll need to buy the Quicktime Pro version.

          I have had much better results using Snapz Pro X (Macintosh). Snapz Pro allows you to record almost anything right from your screen and export it as a Quicktime movie. I don't know if Snapz Pro is available for PC.
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            Hi Chris,

            Not sure if you've found your solution yet but here's soem advice from my
            experience. A little while back I needed to do the same thing and I ended up using
            Director as I found other programs that claimed to do the job didn't give grreat

            In Director, you'll need to stretch your Flash sprite over as many frames as
            required so it plays fully. Scripts don't work in exporting so a wait until finish
            Flash one won't get you the full swf to export.

            I needed the best qualiy video possible so I did not export to AVI or QT but rather
            a BMP sequence. Getting an image sequence meant I had the frames uncompressed, at
            full quality. I then used Premiere to convert that sequence to video and added the
            sound there as well.

            Hope that has been helpful.


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              johnAq Level 1
              I've also used Dirctor to do this - a few times actually - to the point that I've actually built approx 75%of a GUI for it. Instead of spanning frames as per Dean's solution I use Sharp Export to save each frame as an image.

              One of the best things with this is that Director renders Flash properly, some programs would only look at the main time line and not render nested movie clips.

              Tthere are some issues with this approach of course, my approach doesn't capture audio, and while you can change the framerate, you suggest in your OP that what you want is something that will take perhaps a 12 or 15fps SWF and output a 25 or 29.97 video with the same total running time - the program would need to add frames to replicate the perceived speed. This is probably why Flash2 Video runs too fast - your SWF has a lower frame rate than your video.

              There is always a scan converter option - run your SWF full screen and capture it live to tape - could lead to some generational loss in quality however.