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    debug mode and for (n in object) loop

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      I have a for next loop to read all my xml nodes into an array. Funny
      (not) thing is that it looses one node when I run my loop in debugging
      mode. I know there are some problems with the debugger but this one is
      new to me.

      Does the debugger have any influrence in stepping through all elements
      of an object with a for..in routine?

      My code:

      xmlData = this.childNodes[1];
      for (n in xmlData.childNodes){
      obj = xmlData.childNodes[n];
      obj.attributes.value != undefined){

      // !!breakpoint in the next line ...
      if (obj.attributes.value != undefined){
      _global.strary[obj.nodeName] = obj.attributes.value;
      trace("node " + obj.nodeName + " " + obj.attributes.value);
      trace("!node " + obj.nodeName + " " + obj.attributes.value);


      Thanks for any info ..