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    External Fonts not loading properly in panels & buttons, works fine in labels / edits - help!

      Hey guys,

      I'm new to developing in Flex, so please excuse any ignorance.
      I followed the basic tutorial to use Flex to import external fonts... here's my CSS code:
      @font-face {
      src: url(components/fonts.swf);
      fontFamily: "Blue Moon";
      color: #000000;
      fontFamily: "Blue Moon";

      Here's what's happening:
      1) On my development machine, I have the "Blue Moon" font installed. Everything works fine here - I see the Blue Moon font on everything in my project, from the titles of Panels to Buttons, and so on. Everything's great.
      2) On all other machines, which do NOT have the Blue Moon font installed, I see the Blue Moon font properly on the labels and edit boxes, but NOT on the buttons or on the title areas of panels.

      Here is my site, so you can see what I mean:
      Assuming you don't own the Blue Moon font, you should notice that the panel titles are a default font, where the "Username" and "Password" and edit box fields are the Blue Moon font.

      I am forced to conclude that for whatever reason my code is not applying the externally imported font to the panels and buttons for whatever reason. But it DOES apply the local font on the machine, if availible. I'm really quite confused.

      Any insight / help would be greatly appreciated!