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    Web Services Question regarding PHP

      Do I need web services on my server in order to create a dynamic website in Flash and draw information from a database? I am a little confused on whether or not I can just use php to send email from a form and draw information for a MySQL database, or if I need PHP and web services to connect to my database. Please advise as I am VERY confused! If not, what would I use Web Services for and how important is it to have a web services on my server for use in my Flash sites?
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          rmccon Level 1

          I don't know much about Flash and PHP/MYSQL, but I do know that your host must have PHP & MYSQL installed and running on their server before you can use either.
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            Flash can communicate with PHP/MySQL without Web Services. But rmccon is right, PHP and MySQL need to be installed on your web server. If you are going through a hosting company, or planning to, contact them and ask if the support PHP and MySQL, and if they do, which versions. If you're using your own server, php.net has great information about installing PHP, and I believe MySQL as well (at least, they can point you in the right direction). It's also a great place to learn how to start coding PHP.
            Either way, I suggest you get to know the in's and out's of the loadVars object in ActionScript. It'll be your main method of communication between Flash and your PHP scripts.

            Best of luck!