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    Flash ComboBox

      I created a presentation that sync between a FLV video and a set of slides in a Flashpaper file. Cuepoints are set via Actionscrips by reading in data from an XML file. To navigate between the slides, I use a combobox (filled with labels and data from the XML file), and "next" and "prev" buttons. There are a few other buttons on the movie to open up "about" text info, and hyperlinks to certain Websites... Everything seems to work fine (moving forward and backward with the button... jumping around through combobox...). However, as soon as I click on the combobox to navigate, problems will arise and persist afterward: (1) the "next" and "prev" buttons will then require double mouse clicks to work (a single mouse click was fine before I selected an item on the combobox); (2) all other buttons and hyperlinks on stage stop workings (apparently, I can no longer call the "on(release)...." functions for these buttons. HELP!!!! Below is the relevant part of the code