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    passing variables using the URL

    ljonny18 Level 1
      in the past I have alsways used internal navigation methods within Flex - i.e. viewStacks, and linkBars etc... but I need to use an (existing) external menu and link (communicate) it to my Flex Application.....

      is it possible to pass variable to (into) a flex 2 application using a URL

      e.g. http://............... ?page=homepage

      picking this variable ("page") up and getting its value (in this case "homepage")

      and then use the variable in the Flex application to display the relevent component...... ???

      basically, I am trying to navigate through a Flex application using an external menu system etc...... and displaying the particular components within the Flex application relevent to the select links (within the external menu system) communicating the two using a URL etc......


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          ntsiii Level 3
          Passing data into a Flex app using the url on startup requires working with the html handler, causing it to build flashvars in the Embed or Object tag. Inside Flex, these are accessed using the Application.parameters array.

          But it sounds like you want ongoing communication between the Flex app and the browser. For this you should use ExternalInterface. I have not used it at all, so I can't be any specific help.