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    Can't access movieclip...

      I created a script that duplicates a movieclip several times based on the number of nodes an external XML file has. It seems that I can't access the movieclips or change their properties or instances or the properties and instances of subsequent movieclips within them. When I try to access them I get "undefined" while tracing it. Sorry about the amount of code, I don't want to leave any of the variables out... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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          digitellinc Level 1
          does the pCamera0 movie clip exist ?


          duplicateMovieClip("pCamera0", pCamera, 10+n);

          If it does you are duplicating it with a movie clip with the exact same name.

          If it doesn't you are duplicating a movie that doesn't exist in the first place.
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            Sanctified_Design Level 1
            yes it does... when the loop goes through the first time... it overwrites it, which is what I wanted. I should also ad that the set _x and _y properties do work so everything is formated where I want it... which is weird because when I try to access it to get a movieclip within it, it say's it's undefined. I should also add that I've been working on this problem for about the last 5 hours straight, so I'm sure I'm missing something stupid!