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    loading XML data from password protected URLs

      Using Flash Professional 8...

      I have an app that loads XML data from remote servers.

      It works great, except that the company providing me with the data has decided to password-protect their files. It appears they are using either IIS or .htaccess style password protection.

      I have a valid username and password, but I don't know how to incorporate those when calling the URLs to authenticate.

      I think I need to use loadVars objects, but I haven't been able to find any examples where people are using this method for this style of security. Most examples I see deal with submitting a username/password to a URL and then receiving a reply.
      This style security doesn't follow that model. The URL is blocked unless a username/password is entered into a box before even seeing the pages.

      Do I use loadVars for this?

      If so, does somebody have an example or something I can see?

      If not, how does Flash authenticate this style of security?

      This seems like a pretty standard problem, and I'm baffled that I can't even find other examples. Am I stupid?