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    LoadVars Not Working in 9 but fine 8

      I have a SWF that has a form and LoadVars.send() to send the form info to the server. It works in 8 but does not work in 9.0r16.

      The SWF is on the image server domain for several sites and the SJP file that it sends to is on a different domain. I have a crossdomain.xml in the file that the domain that recieves the forma data.

      Should the crossdomain.xml file be on the image server instead?
      If it is in the DOCROOT of that server do I still have t o load it with System.security.loadPolicyFile?
      Does that override what I put in System.security.allowDomain("")?
      Is my problem even cross domain related? since that should be a problem in 8 as well and in 8 it works just fine.