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    permanent modify a member

      I need to protect my application... I would like to allow one installation....How can i do that.
      Now I'm trying to write a cast mamber during installation with a serial and Hard Disk ID...Is this right mode?

      Thanks for help

      Andrea Petracco
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          duckets Level 1
          Can you describe more clearly what you mean by 'one installation' - one per copy of a CD? one per user? one per Computer?

          There's lots of methods of doing stuff like this. A common way is to generate a key or serial number for each purchase or copy of your app, and then verify that it is valid when installed. You could have your app check the key with a server-side script on your website. The script would verify the key is valid, and use a database to record when each key is registered, to prevent duplicate registrations. The app would check the response of the script, before going ahead with installing/running.

          hope this helps,

          - Ben

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            Seshen Level 1
            Thanks...I think this is very good method too, but I'm looking for a method standalone that register a copy on a PC and block any other installation on other PC.
            Do u know any standalone method?

            Thanks for your help

            Andrea Petracco
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              duckets Level 1
              I don't think this is possible. How can a standalone PC know whether the software is already registered on another PC?

              sorry, no other ideas!

              - Ben
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                Minds Eye Level 1
                The only way you can make sure the user can only use one copy of your software is to distribute a dongle with the software. The user plugs this into their PC which give a unique code when requested by the software.


                The Minds Eye