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    Can't insert with

    shoff Level 1
      The deal is that when the coldfusion extension generates the code, the code that it generates ignores the primary key table and thus doesn't insert the new record into the database. If I go back and adjust the wizard manually, I can make it work by manually making the insert statement address the primary key column

      Example of Generated code:
      Insert into table(fname, mName, lName) values ('scott','d','Hoff')

      What I need to insert the code:
      Insert into table(primaryKey, fName, mName, lName) values('1(random number)','Scott','D','Hoff')

      Everything that I generate from the builder ignores the primary key in the insert statement. Furthermore, the auto create function never works.

      Is there any coldfusion extension wizard bulletin board/support group/peer helping thing available via the web? I've had a hard time trying to google it and find the help I need. This is the best hope I have. I Hope someone can help.


      If you need the actual code, you can go ahead and request it and I will paste it in. I just thought I would explain the trend because it happens on every generated application.