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    Sitewide link change?

      I have a link on my website that I would rather have open up in a new window. There are 162 pages on my site. Do I have to go into each page and change that link or is there a way to make the change once and have it affect the whole site?
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          If this is a specific link, just do a Find and Replace: ctrl+f or cmd+f. For Find in select entire site or choose folder to select a specific folder. For Search choose source code. Under find copy the code for the link you want to replace ie:
          <a href="page.html">linktxt</a>
          and replace with:
          <a href="page.html" target="_blank">linktxt</a>

          You might want to back up your html files first as there's no way to undo find and replaces in files that are not currently open.