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    playing flash movie within an email?


      I am creating a flash card and i didnt know if it is possible or not to have the swf playing in an email or if you have to have a typed url link to view the card. Does anyone know if it is possible to actually have the swf file playing in the email message? or the best way for sending out a flash ecard. This ecard would be sent direct from the persons email to their contacts.

      really appreciate any feedback

      many thanks

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          Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
          I guess you can not send the Flash card to play from within the email as the email will read the HTML and the SWF which contain the Flash content as attachement. But I guess you can put the Flash to a URL and send the URL by email, though they can access it.

          Hope this helps
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            banana_nose Level 1
            hi Rafiq

            thanks for your reply, I am new to this forum business, so was really happy to get a reply : )
            i have tried to send the page as an email, by going to page in explorer and going file - send - page as email, and it does work sometimes, but on some of the test emails i sent to different people it brought up a box saying something about active x security controls and the page didnt display, so i think what you have suggested is best by just sending the typed url link and if the client wants some type of graphic in there i suppose i could put a picture graphic into the email of the ecard.

            many thanks