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    Larger Project Freezing

      we use robo religiously for work and have somewhere around 500-800 Projects using it at the moment. Now a few of these are Pretty large pieces and robo generally tends to handle them well( minus the occasional delay from the time all of the topics/db info is loaded to when I can actually start working). Generally one of the biggest projects we've had is built and maintained by two people(myself and another). It is normally done in two parts ie. partner works on a project and i work on the merged project inside however my partner has been hospitalized and i am now updating both portions. The issue is, Yesterday I opened up the project he had been working on and added quite a few things i had an issue with pulling in a word doc which caused robohelp to Close. I then re-opened the project and imported( an html version) with no issues and for the most part had to redo the changes id made to the toc and such. I was then able to generate and publish perfectly fine so i closed and quit for the night. But when I open the project today it loads topics/db then just goes to not responding.. It had been doing this for 1.5 hrs now and I just tried closing and re-opening but it looks like the same problem. We are currently set up as follows. Projects on NAS / Published To App Server. The strange thing is in the bottom left my status says "done" Does anyone have any insight into this? Thanks in advance
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          Drew_G Level 1
          hmm, I loaded another project in another window and went to generate it.. I got about a 1 minute delay and then it generated fine. When It published the Frozen Project loaded? any clue why this could be. I dont believe it was a system response thing because id loaded another project with no problems>
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
            Two people working on the same project rings network bells. Are these projects under source control, when pulling them from the network to your machine is fine or are they just save on a network drive? If the latter, that is the cause of lots of issues.

            If that is not it, then back up the project and take a look at the topic on my site about opening projects. You might like to try trashing the CPD and XPJ files in the manner described there.