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    Check my new site, euh...  Application!

      Hi everyboy!

      I have a post in the ActionScript forum ( .../cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview...) that talks about a bug I have a hard time to beat.
      I thought I could also show my new application here (it's not very much a "site", more a RRRIA)...
      Anyway, this tread can be tag as the "Wanna see my new site I've been working on since last year?" department.
      Check it out!
      It still needs some work, but for most of it, it works!


      P.S. This link is a one-user-login situation, which will not be the case for the final installation. If you open files as read/write instead of read-only, if asked, don't save your work, but you can "Save As" it.

      Thanks for any feedback!
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          how did you position elements in when the clip resizes? i am trying to position something in the exact center of the browser, after it resizes to full browser. can you help me with this script?
          • 2. Check my new site, euh...  Application!
            Zal Level 1
            Well, because i wrote that code under contract, I cannot give it to you just like that. But Can I help? maybe...
            I wrote a class that just handle the layout of the UI.

            Fisrt, you have to listen to the Stage as it changes:
            var myStageLayout = new StageLayoutManager(); // <- instantiate the class you write

            Second, add a way to add someting to align:
            function addUIObject (ref_:Object) { ... }

            Third, make sure that in that class you define:
            function onResize () { ... }
            Every time the browser window resize, myStageLayout will be notify via onResize.
            Inside that function, you could put some code that loops trough all your objects, and center them thing like this:
            myObjects[ i ]._x = Math.round((Stage.width / 2) - (myObjects[ i ]._width / 2));
            myObjects[ i ]._y = Math.round((Stage.width / 2) - (myObjects[ i ]._height / 2));

            Of course, my class do much more than that, but you can start with that!
            Hope that helps!