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    Duplicate Search Topic Entries in RH X5

    Wayne K.
      We have linked .chm help files through a master .chm file, and when searching for topics for all .chm files linked through the master project (either locally or on a network where viewing the files is allowed), duplicate page entries are appearing under the search tab. However, there are no duplicate table of contents or index entries.

      I should add that, when searching the .chm files before they are linked, only one entry per topic appears as it should. Also, the master .chm consists of one title page only and the other projects are linked through "include" statements on the master table of contents, so there is no page duplication in the master project.

      Please provide any information you can that can help me resolve this (having only one search entry for page appear when all .chms are linked through the master .chm file). Thanks.