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    open external flv in new frame

    maith Level 1
      I have a button in frame 1 and when i press it, I want it to play an FLV clip, in frame 2 ?
      I can place a FLVplayback component on frame 1 and when i press a button (on frame1) it will play an external flv clip.
      However, if I press a button on frame1 and try to play the flv file in frame 2, it wont play in frame2. ? Here is the code I am using.
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          derobinson Level 1
          I assume that your FLV player has an instance name of "videoLocation". If you don't put the FLV player on the stage until frame 2, then the instance name "videoLocation" that you're referencing in frame 1 doesn't exist yet, so the Flash player doesn't know what to do with that code (and thus does nothing, failing silently). The button code in frame 1 should only have the gotoAndStop code, then put the code relating to the FLV player in frame 2. that should do the trick.

          Good luck!
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            maith Level 1
            Thank David for that, it does work with that method, but it defeats the purpose, of what I wanted, which is, when I press say Button1 on frame 1 it plays eddiescores.flv in frame 2 and if I press Button2 on frame 1 it plays greatgoal.flv in frame2 on same FLV player.
            Is there any way to do this ?
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              Nickels55 Level 2
              Frame 1 button code:

              on(release) {
              flvvar = "eddiescores.flv"; //on the other button use other video name

              Frame 2 - Give FLVplayer Instance name of vid. Put this code on the frame.

              vid.contentPath = flvvar;
              vid.play(); //not necessary if FLVplayer is set to autoplay in component inspector

              Tested, works.