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    Adobe RoboHelp 6 Prerelease Program

    Akshay Madan Adobe Employee
      Adobe has started enrolling for the Prerelease program of the next version of Adobe RoboHelp. If interested, send enrollment requests to robohelp-beta@adobe.com with the following information:

      1) Full Name
      2) Name of the Company
      3) Company Email Id
      4) Location

      Akshay Madan
      Adobe Systems
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          Hi Akshay,

          Can you post the new feature list?


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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi DaLy

            If you can get Akshay to do this, I heartily applaud you! Not only that, but my guess is that Akshay would suddenly be unemployed.

            Adobe are normally very tight lipped with regards to any new features of an application until said application is made available to the general public. So all we will know at this point is that they are progressing toward a new version. Unless you apply and are selected for the beta, you won't know about the features. And if you ARE selected, you will know but cannot comment on them because of the NDA you have.

            Cheers... Rick
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              Swiggles Level 1
              Hi Rick,

              Perhaps you could shed some light on why some companies (such as Adobe) won't let their user base know the new features that will be added to their next release.

              My company always tells our Customers about the new "gotta haves" (e.g. a 2nd IDE, new security features, new tools, etc.). We get our Customers excited about each new release. Keeping things secret, may end in disappointment for Adobe.

              Just my 2.231 cents,

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                Hi DaLy

                Sure, I'll be happy to try. However, all I really know about it is what has been relayed to me over the years. I have no idea as to how accurate it is or isn't.

                I've been told that because Adobe (and formerly Macromedia) are publicly traded companies, they have to be extra careful in divulging any information that could impact the sales of their stock. However, I balance this with the fact we regularly see Microsoft (Who, unless I'm mistaken is also publicly traded) divulgiing assorted features and whatnot.

                I've also heard from time to time that it's more of a "competitive edge" thing. Where if Company A divulges features in progress, competitors may be able to somehow use this against Company A by bringing their own software to market sooner wth the features in place.

                So I have to look at this and rather assume it simply comes down to the company choice.

                Cheers... Rick
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                  Akshay Madan Adobe Employee
                  We are willing to share the feature set and even provide you with a build to play on, but only after you sign an NDA with us. We are looking forward to RoboHelp enthusiasts to check out the new version of Adobe RoboHelp. Try it out and I am sure you will like it - I keep getting appreciation mails every day from our Prerelease participants. So don't wait - send out a request to robohelp-beta@adobe.com
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                    Swiggles Level 1
                    Hi Akshay,

                    Thanks for your response. Currently I have 15 chm manuals that I continually update, so Beta testing is out of the question. Can you publicly disclose if the following features will be in the new version? If not, I will be more than happy to sign an NDA.

                    1. Ability to automatically create an eclipse plugin from my RoboHelp X5 project (Including the toc.xml file)
                    2. Ability to easily import my RoboHelp X5 project into FrameMaker for printing purposes

                    Thanks in advance,


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                      Is this a joke? Whenever I try to send email from my work address or any other address, it says:

                      There was a problem:
                      There is an error in the To field. It is most likely that the host (i.e. "username@host.com") portion of the address at the beginning of the substring "" is missing or invalid. Please enter valid e-mail addresses (e.g., in the format person@dot.com), or use nicknames from your Address Book. Separate each address with a comma (",").

                      Your message has not been sent.

                      How does one get onto the beta list, if the address is invalid ?
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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                        Welcome to the forum Turboblast.

                        I just sent a test message to that address without any trouble. Did you cut and paste or type it? Any chance of a small typo? Try again.

                        If it still fails, email me offline and I will contact the person running the beta test.

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                          >but only after you sign an NDA with us

                          I think it is difficult for a professional user to devote his time to beta-testing if he cannot make any use of the information he gains.
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                            Pre-release users (us...) can accumulate an alternative features and defects list.