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    Image to flashmember - print

      Hi forum
      For shockwave i will like to learn to transfer an image to a flashmember - to be able to print the image.
      It seems to be a good solution, if trying to avoid the use of a dedicated xtra for printing.
      I can make an image of the stage or generate one with copypixels, but I simply have no idea how to transfer that image to flash for printing. I have searched for tutorials and in the documentation on the subject - no luck.
      Regards - Niel
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          Level 7
          The latest version of the Flash Asset xtra contains a method named
          'convert()' for converting data types between Flash and Director.
          So assuming you have it downloaded in Shockwave *and* it's a recent
          enough version, you could use:
          tBitmapData = sprite("Flash").convert(#BitmapData, anImageObject)
          -- now you can have sprite("Flash") incorporate/print/... the image
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            nielmb Level 1
            Thanks for the response, Sean. It seems to be the way to go.
            But I get fatal error, and are forced to close Director when using:

            imgObj = member("test").image
            tBitmapData = sprite("Flash").convert(#BitmapData, imgObj)

            What did I do wrong here?
            Using: #productBuildVersion: "16", #productVersion: "10.1.1"