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    external swf plays to fast

      I am fairly new to using Actionscript and am having trouble figuring out what I need to do. I have a main document that calls modular .swf movies that I have set up. After I have audio play it loads up a .swf with a powerpoint that I converted to flash. When I play it in my main document it plays way to fast. I've tried "document.frameRate = 0.3" in the powerpoint flash, but that doesn't work. I need someone to point me in the right direction please.
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          DazFaz Level 1
          Your main loader swf ( the one you are loading all other external swf's into) controls the frame rate of all "Child" swf's. So, if you are loading a swf that runs great at 25 frames a sencond into one that is set to 50 frames a second, if will run twice as fast.

          IM assuming here that you are loading one into another. IF this is not the case and are loading single swf's into a basic html page, then you need to look at the expert settings in the PP application. Im pretty sure that once you have set the frame rate within the swf, there is nothing you can do externaly to control the rate.

          I would be interested myself if there is a way but Im pretty sure theres not.