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    play sound 96khz 24bit...how?

      I have developped an application with macromedia director that play a playlist with files .wav 48khz and 16bit in a; now i have to upgrade this application and play sound 96khz and 24bit . I have imported that sound in external cast, but when i play i hear distort sounds......How can i do this?

      Thanks for help

      Andrea Petracco
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          duckets Level 1
          I just did a test, and director seems fine with 96khz sounds, but it doesn't appear to like 24 bit sounds.

          So it looks like 16 bit 96khz will work - which is quite an upgrade in sound quality, but 24 bit 96 khz doesn't seem to work. I tried a 24 bit 44.1khz sound, and that wouldn't play either.

          Couldn't see anything online about director's sound bit-depth specification though.

          Hope this helps,

          - Ben