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    wmv conversion

    Red Rojo Level 1
      Apparently, in Flash 8 OS X I cannot import wvm files? So, can anyone suggest how I can easily convert a wmv file to something I can import into Flash? Thanks.
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          Red Rojo Level 1
          OK. So, I searched the topic in this Forum and someone has posted that you CAN convert wmv for use in Flash. Does anyone know how? When I try to Import a wmv file, it's greyed out. Thanks.
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            Red Rojo Level 1
            Let me restate more clearly, so I won't sound like an idiot: I have a wmv file, Flash 8 Pro and Flash 8 Video Encoder running on a laptop with OS X. I want to import the wmv file into Flash and output it as fla for playback on my client's Website. Can it be done? And how? Thanks.